Year: 2017

pension freedoms

Pension freedoms: what can we learn from Australia?

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In the 2015 Budget, then-Chancellor George Osborne handed new freedoms to over 55s to allow them to spend their pension fund as they chose. The Australian government did the same thing back in 1993. So presumably it’s working for them, and that’s why it seemed like a good idea to follow suit? Why then is…

Eddie Teddie’s Christmas

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Eddie Teddie woke up early on Christmas morning, jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to the Christmas tree. There was a pile of presents for Eddie, which he couldn’t wait to open. He’d been wishing for Santa Claus to bring him a new piggy bank. He’d been doing so well with his money saving…
Fixed interest securities

Fixed interest securities and interest rate rises

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Fixed interest securities make up part of most investor’s asset allocation. They’re considered low risk; second lowest after cash. But if interest rates continue to rise, should you continue to invest in them? We take a look. What are fixed interest securities? A fixed interest security is basically a loan from investors to a government…
Eddie Teddie gets ready for Christmas

Eddie Teddie Gets Ready for Christmas!

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Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie. Wow – what a very busy month it has been! We’ve had Halloween in the Office, we said a big happy birthday to our lovely Charlotte when we went out for dinner. I even went to America! But it’s November now. And do you know what this means? It’s only…
The Budget 2017

The Autumn Budget 2017

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We watch The Budget with interest each year. Who will be the big winners? Who will face losing out, and in what areas? What’s the net effect likely to be for the majority of our customers? Well, this Budget was a bit disappointing. There wasn’t a lot to get excited about. It felt a bit…
Why do shares fall on good news

Why do shares fall on good news?

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Last month, Samsung announced it is expecting profits to hit record levels in the third quarter – almost three time as much as the same period last year. Following the announcement, their share price dropped. That might seem counter-intuitive. But there were other factors at play. At the same time as announcing this anticipated profit…
Christmas spending tips

Our top 10 Christmas spending tips

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Who’s getting excited about Christmas? We are! But with over five million* Brits getting stressed about money in the run up to Christmas last year, it does come with its down sides. The average UK family spends over £800 on Christmas. That’s a lot of money to find from somewhere. No one wants to start…

Eddie Teddie Exchanges Currency

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Hello Friends, it’s Eddie Teddie. It’s been a busy time for a little bear like me since I last spoke to you all. I’ve been saving money, counting money, and even celebrated Nicola’s birthday at Bowling and we went for tea! How’s your month of money counting going? Have my worksheets helped you? So, this…

Investing in infrastructure

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What do we mean by investing in infrastructure? The Cambridge Dictionary defines infrastructure as “the basic systems and services, such as transport and power supplies, that a country or organisation uses in order to work effectively”. Basically, infrastructure is the foundation upon with our economy operates. It includes schools, airports, windfarms, hospitals… In the past, infrastructure was generally funded by the government. But pressure on the public purse has led to…
Prime Minister's Speech

Our take on the Prime Minister’s Speech

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Have you ever had a colleague who had a bit of a tickly cough? Probably. Did you think they should be asked to resign as a result? Probably not. On Wednesday 4th October, PM Theresa May delivered a keynote speech which was designed to relaunch her premiership. But rather than focusing on what she actually…