Month: September 2017

Eddie Teddie goes to Scotland!

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Hello Friends, it’s Eddie Teddie! I hope you’ve been enjoying my money saving tips. Thank you all for reading them! It’s been a busy month being back at school. But I’ve been remembering my summer trip to Scotland. I wanted to share some pictures of my time there. It’s a beautiful place with lots of hills, lakes…
Eddie Teddie counting coins

Eddie Teddie and his school lesson: counting money

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Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie. I hope you’ve had a good first month back at school – especially for those who’ve just started in reception! I’m loving school as it means I get to spend every day with my bear friends. What do you love about school? In my maths lessons, I’ve been learning how…
Long term investing

Investors: Trust us to take care of the long term

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With technological advancement comes new ways for people to manage their money. We’re all in favour of people taking an active interest in their finances. Part of our ethos is providing financial education so people can do just that. However, we also feel it’s our duty to just share a few gentle words of warning……