Month: December 2017

pension freedoms

Pension freedoms: what can we learn from Australia?

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In the 2015 Budget, then-Chancellor George Osborne handed new freedoms to over 55s to allow them to spend their pension fund as they chose. The Australian government did the same thing back in 1993. So presumably it’s working for them, and that’s why it seemed like a good idea to follow suit? Why then is…

Eddie Teddie’s Christmas

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Eddie Teddie woke up early on Christmas morning, jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to the Christmas tree. There was a pile of presents for Eddie, which he couldn’t wait to open. He’d been wishing for Santa Claus to bring him a new piggy bank. He’d been doing so well with his money saving…
Fixed interest securities

Fixed interest securities and interest rate rises

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Fixed interest securities make up part of most investor’s asset allocation. They’re considered low risk; second lowest after cash. But if interest rates continue to rise, should you continue to invest in them? We take a look. What are fixed interest securities? A fixed interest security is basically a loan from investors to a government…