Year: 2018

Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney: An Overview

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We often write about planning for your future and this post is no different. But it is quite a tricky area. Imagine you were no longer able to make decisions for yourself. A terrifying thought, but a reality for an increasing number of people, particularly the elderly. There are 850,000 people with dementia in the…
Milestones: Starting a Business

Milestones: Managing your finances when starting a new business

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There’s a definite sense that more and more individuals are shunning “real jobs” in favour of starting their own business. Whether your motivation is the need for a more flexible schedule, pursuing a dream, seeking a more balanced life, or disillusionment with the corporate world, you’re likely to be giving up a steady salary for…

Eddie Teddie Elf on the shelf

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Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie! Have any of you been visited by one of Father Christmas’ elves? They come and watch over you before Christmas to make sure that you are being kind and well behaved. I thought that my friends in the Face to Face Finance office haven’t got anyone making sure that they’re…

What is a Care ISA?

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Growing old is inevitable. Planning for life after retirement is vital. As more of us are living for longer there is a good chance that you will need to factor in paying for your care in older age too. There is to be an estimated funding gap of £5.5billion in social care in 2020-2021. Which…

Our thoughts on the Autumn 2018 Budget now the dust has settled

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Phillip Hammond delivered his annual budget review on Monday 29th October. Probably the most notable point to come from October’s Budget was the claim that we are coming to the end of austerity. Welcome news indeed! Hammond praised the Great British public throughout his speech on their hard work for helping reach the end of…

Eddie Teddie makes Pumpkin Soup

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Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie. I hope you all had a lovely Halloween! I had a party with all my friends. We did some apple bobbing, some pumpkin carving and played a trick or treat game. Now that the fun is over it’s time to get rid of the pumpkins. There are lots of great…

Milestones: Financially Planning for Having Children

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It’s no secret, babies are expensive! The latest Child Poverty Action Group report shows that raising a child costs couples £150,753. This includes rent and childcare until they are 18 at the minimum standard of living. Do you have enough spare cash to foot the bill? If you’re planning on having children, you’re going to…
How many years of care can you afford

How many years of care can you afford by self-funding?

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There’s a good chance that you are going need to move into a care home in later life. At the moment, if you live in England or Northern Ireland you have to self-fund your care home fees if your assets (which may include your property) or savings add up to more than £23,250. In The…

Eddie Teddie Goes To Work

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Hello Friends, it’s Eddie Teddie! I have had a very exciting day. I have been to work! I was allowed to shadow the clever people working at Face to Face Finance. Our Mummies and Daddies go to work so they can earn some money. With this money they are able to pay bills so we…