Month: May 2018

Eddie Teddie learns about conservation

Normally, when I write my little stories for you, I’m writing about how important it is to look after your money. But I learnt a very important lesson this month: looking after our planet is even more important. I’ve had the most fantastic trip with Mum to the islands of St Kilda. They’re a very…
Fear and greed in the markets

Fear and greed in the markets

No one sets out to make a bad investment. But it happens all the time. Why? We all know that the markets can be volatile. But it’s usually bad decision making, based on intuition rather than logic, which contributes to the biggest losses. Emotions are to blame. Losses, in particular, can make investors vulnerable to…
financial planning for buying a house

Milestones: Financial planning for buying a house

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial commitments you will make in your lifetime. With property prices soaring, getting on the property ladder can feel like an impossible task for many. Whilst we can barely scratch the surface of all the things you need to consider in the space of one article, we’ve…