Month: August 2018

The interest rate rise and what it means for you

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I’m sure you’ll have seen that recently Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, announced that their base interest rate would be rising from 0.5% to 0.75%. That’s the highest rate since March 2009. The interest rise was originally expected back in May. Due to a weaker patch in the economy at the beginning…

Eddie’s holiday in Great Yarmouth

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Hello Friends, it’s Eddie Teddie. I love the summer holidays, it means I get to go out on lots of adventures with my mum. This year I got to go to the seaside town of Great Yarmouth. There were so many fun things to see and do! Have you been to Great Yarmouth with your…

What is an Annuity and why should you shop around for one?

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We have covered the topic of pensions a few times on our blog over the past year. From  why women are saving less than men to accessing cash in later life. This time we are discussing the option of an annuity to fund your retirement. Planning for your retirement   Planning your retirement isn’t a straight forward job, it…