Month: January 2019

True Cost of Retirement

What is the true cost of retirement?

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We spend all of our working life building up our pension pot. The question is; do we really know how much we need to save to fund our retirements? Last year investment managements firm, Schroders, carried out a survey of 22,000 investors over 30 countries. They wanted to discover more about the respondents’ expected finances…

Eddie Teddie’s New Year’s Resolution

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Hello Friends, it’s Eddie Teddie! It’s a brand-new year! In January a lot of people make promises to themselves of things they would like to achieve by the end of December. These are called New Year’s resolutions. Often adults will say they are going to do more exercise or eat plenty of healthy foods.  …
Decumulation: Your Retirement Options

Decumulation: Your retirement options.

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As with a lot of things in finance, decumulation can be a bit complicated! At its most basic level, decumulation is the process of turning your pension savings into income to fund your retirement. Most people will have an idea of what they would like their retirement to look like. Whether you’re wanting to globe…