Month: February 2019


New ‘Death Tax’ Charges

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Whilst everyone has been distracted by Brexit, the government have been busy putting through a new, so-called, ‘Death Tax’. It could see families having to pay up to £6,000 after the passing of a family member. Despite the name, the increased charge is technically a fee. By labelling it as a fee rather than a…

Crowdfunding for funerals is on the rise

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It’s not something most of us like to think about. But we are all going to need a funeral one day. There is a worrying indication that, despite the inevitability of it, people are failing to plan how their funerals will be paid for. There has been a huge rise in the number of families…
Eddie Teddie Playing Chess

Eddie Teddie is learning how to play chess

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Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie! How are you all getting on with your New Year’s resolutions? I am doing well, I have managed to save some money already this year. I have taken up a new hobby. I’m learning how to play chess! I have joined the chess club at school and make sure I…