Month: May 2019

Eddie Teddie goes to Auntie Becky’s wedding!

Hello Friends! I have had such an exciting time this month! Auntie Becky got married. Have you ever been to a wedding? This was my first one and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. There was a marriage ceremony followed by the wedding reception. At the wedding reception there was delicious food and loads of…
Pound Cost Averaging

Pound Cost Averaging

Here at Face to Face Finance we’re very much focused on the long-term when it comes to investments.  If you are worried about the ups and downs in the markets and not sure when is the right time to invest, we look at pound cost averaging as a way to take advantage of these ups…

What to do if you hit your lifetime allowance (LTA)

As a nation, we are beginning to save more money for retirement. What with the government’s auto enrolment scheme, we are starting to put money into our pensions earlier than ever. But does this mean we are all running the risk of hitting our lifetime allowances? If so, what happens then? What is the current…