Month: June 2019

accessing your pension without advice

Is it wise to access your pension without seeking advice?

We have written quite a few articles about pensions. Hopefully we’ve highlighted the importance of seeking advice as part of the pensions process. Everyone is going to need to access their pension sooner or later. Whether you’re approaching your retirement, or if it’s still a decade away, the more informed you all are about it, the…
Income Protection for under 35s

Should People Under 35 Have Income Protection Insurance?

Income protection is often something that people don’t consider until later in their lives. But new research shows that financial advisers believe people should be considering income protection much sooner. The research, carried out by Royal London, acknowledged that, despite its many benefits, Income Protection isn’t the easiest protection to sell. But, under-35s are a…
Eddie Teddie's Big Summer of Saving

Eddie Teddie has a book!

Hello again, it’s your friend Eddie! This month I have some extremely exciting news! I have been keeping a little secret for a while now. Finally, I can tell you all about it…I have a book! I have recently had a great adventure and learned a lot about saving. The amazing team at Face To…