Month: July 2019

My House is my Pension

My House is My Pension

What do you do if your pension doesn’t look like it’s going to provide you with enough income when you retire? You either work for longer or look to your assets. If you are a home owner, one of your biggest assets is likely to be your house. In an ideal world, no one should…
Intergenerational Planning

Intergenerational Planning

If we were to ask you where you would like your home and money to go when you pass away, you’ll probably say to your family, and that is no surprise. You have worked hard to earn what you have and besides, it’s a parent’s prerogative to look after their children no matter what their…
Plastic Free July

Eddie Teddie is giving up plastic for July!

Hello Friends! This month, rather than focusing on saving money, I am focusing on saving the planet! To do this I am taking part in Plastic Free July. This means that I have to avoid using single-use plastic, helping to reduce plastic waste. Single-use plastic includes things like plastic bottles, drinking straws and food packaging.…