Year: 2020

Eddie Teddie feeds the birds

Eddie Teddie Feeds the Birds

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Hello everybody! It’s me, Eddie. Have you looked out of your window recently? If you do, you might just spot some garden friends looking for food. I have been really enjoying watching the birds out of my window. I have seen so many different types including Blue Tits, Great Tits, Robins and Bullfinches. I like…
image text reads 'pensions: advice vs guidance'

Pensions advice vs. pensions guidance: What’s the difference?

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You may have heard of the terms ‘advice’ and ‘guidance’ being used to refer to help you could access about your pension. But do you really know the difference? The two terms have specific meanings, and understanding the difference between the two is vital, as one is regulated and comes with legal protection, while the…
Eddie Teddie putting coins into his jam jars

Eddie Teddie Tries Jam-Jar Budgeting

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Hello everyone, It’s your friend, Eddie Teddie. How have you been getting on with saving your pocket money? As we haven’t been able to go out so much this year, I have found it a little easier to save my money. With the extra money I have been saving, I’m finding it tricky to decide…
What happened to the social care reform?

What has Happened to the Social Care Reforms?

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Three years ago we wrote about the social care crisis in our post Old Age Care: Where do we go from here?  By now, there should have been some changes implemented to help ease the crisis. However, social care reforms have, once again, been put on hold. Lord Bethell, parliamentary under secretary of state at…
Face to Face Finance are winners of MoneyAge Financial Adviser Award for Small to Medium Firm of the Year 2020

We Won A National Award!

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There have been celebrations aplenty since we found out that we’ve won the MoneyAge Financial Adviser Award for Small to Medium Firm of the Year, beating off stiff competition from across the UK. The MoneyAge awards celebrate excellence, innovation and professionalism in the personal finance space. Winners for each category were selected by a prestigious…

Helping your child become a millionaire!

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We’ve written before about how to save for your children. You may have heard of some of the options – junior ISAs, bonds, trusts – before. But we left you with a tantalising promise to let you know how you can help your child become a millionaire. Well, here’s the lowdown. Pensions for children (child…