Month: August 2020

Face To Face Sustainable Portfolios

We’re Launching Our Sustainable Portfolios!

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It’s hard to miss the fact that more people are becoming conscious about their impact on the planet. Conversations around social and environmental issues are becoming increasingly prominent in the press, on social media and around the dinner table. With an increase in the concern about the state of the world, we have seen a…
Eddie Teddie doing a cross stitch

Eddie Teddie Learns to Cross Stitch

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Hello friends, What have you been up to recently? We have had so much free time to fill recently I’m running out of things to do! A few days ago, I just couldn’t make up my mind how I wanted to spend my day. As it’s the school holidays I didn’t have any lessons to…
The impact of Covid-19: are you having enough for retirement?

The Impact of Covid-19: Are You Saving Enough For Retirement?

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Scottish Widows has released their 2020 Retirement and Savings Report. It was an interesting read this year, what with Covid-19 dramatically changing our everyday lives. It has been a challenging time both personally and financially for a lot of people. Many have found themselves juggling their finances whilst being furloughed, or out of work for…