Year: 2021

image reads "deliberate deprivation of assets: should you be worried?"

Deliberate Deprivation of Assets: Should You Be Worried?

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Deliberate Deprivation of Assets: Should You Be Worried? You may have heard of “deliberate deprivation” in relation to the way that local authorities calculate means-tested social care and support costs. It’s often talked about, but perhaps less well known than other issues when it comes to social care. But it’s important to understand what deliberate…
Eddie Plays Crazy Golf

Eddie Teddie Plays Crazy Golf

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Hello Friends, It’s your pal, Eddie! Have you been enjoying your summer holidays? I have been having lots of fun going out and about with my friends and my Mum and Dad. We have been on lots of day trips and I’ve even had a day at my friend Tedward’s house. We played with his…
image reads "are millennials really saving more than gen X?"

Are Millennials Really Saving More Then Gen X?

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When it comes to saving, the conventional wisdom is that you get better at is as you get older. Because of this, many people believe that older generations are likely to be saving more money, and saving more effectively, than those in younger generations. For a little while, this has been mostly true. But we’re…
Eddie Makes Pasta

Eddie Teddie Makes Pasta

Hello Friends, Recently it was my friend Emma’s birthday, so we surprised her with a trip to London for a cooking class! Emma is very good at baking cakes and cooking yummy food so we thought she would enjoy having a go at making her own pasta. We went to a place called Pasta Evangelists…
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5 Essential Housekeeping Tips for Your Investments

It’s important to treat your investments with care and attention – just like your home. Keeping on top of your finances and investments is a process that you’ll need to keep on top of. Now, we’re not saying it’s an insurmountable amount of work! Just that you do need to know about a few jobs…
image reads "should ethical investors stay away from oil and gas?"

Should Ethical Investors Stay Away from Oil and Gas Stocks?

Ethical investing is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in the investment world. Here at Face to Face Finance, we’ve talked before on our blog about the rise of green bonds, and we’re seeing continued high demand in our sustainable portfolios. One of the big debates amongst ethical investors is whether or not portfolios…
Eddie Teddie Walks Hadrian’s Wall

Eddie Teddie Walks Hadrian’s Wall

Hello Friends, It’s your pal, Eddie, and I’m here to tell you that I have been on a big adventure! I learned a lot along the way too. This month I went with Mum and Dad to walk along the Hadrian’s Wall Path! Have you heard of Hadrian’s Wall? It was built a really long…
image reads "meet the UK investors beating US investor legend Warren Buffett"

Meet The UK Investors Beating US Investor Legend Warren Buffett

We were intrigued when we came across research suggesting that some UK fund managers have been out-performing investment legend Warren Buffett. Investment company AJ Bell have undertaken analysis of fund performance and have identified a number of funds that they claim are beating Berkshire Hathaway, the massive investment juggernaut that Buffett helms. So, in this…