Month: January 2021

Eddie Meets the Long Stratton U15's Football Team

Eddie Meets the Long Stratton U15’s Football Team

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Hello friends! Last month, Dad told me some very exciting news! He had decided to sponsor the Long Stratton U15’s football team. This means that their football shirts have the Face to Face Finance logo printed on the front – how cool is that? I was even lucky enough to get a shirt of my…
image reads 'will 2021 be the year of the green bond'

Will 2021 be the Year of the Green Bond?

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At Face to Face, we’re serious about our sustainable portfolios. We understand that ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) funds are a priority for many investors, with demand only set to increase. Because of this, we were excited to read Rishi Sunak’s announcement towards the end of 2020 that the UK government would be launching a…
Eddie Teddie is learning from home

Eddie Teddie is learning at home

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Hello classmates, Like lots of you, I have been having all my lessons at home because there is another lockdown and school is closed. I don’t mind learning from home too much because Mum and Dad are very clever so can answer most of my questions. I do miss my teacher and all of my…