Month: February 2021

Eddie Teddie makes pancakes

Making Pancakes With Eddie Teddie

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Hello! It’s your pal, Eddie. Yesterday was one of the best days of the year, pancake day! Although, I’m sure you know that. Did you have pancakes too? There are two types of pancakes, American pancakes which are thicker and fluffier, and then crêpe pancakes, which are the really thin ones that we usually make…
image reads "the FCA bans bitcoin derivatives: all the details you should know"

The FCA Bans Bitcoin Derivatives: All the Details You Should Know

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So, it’s official – effective from 6th January 2021, the FCA has banned the sale of all cryptocurrency derivatives (including exchange traded notes, known as ETNs) to retail consumers in the UK. It’s been discussed for a while, and the FCA have now stepped in. In this article, we’ll be going over why these extremely…