Month: August 2021

image reads "deliberate deprivation of assets: should you be worried?"

Deliberate Deprivation of Assets: Should You Be Worried?

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Deliberate Deprivation of Assets: Should You Be Worried? You may have heard of “deliberate deprivation” in relation to the way that local authorities calculate means-tested social care and support costs. It’s often talked about, but perhaps less well known than other issues when it comes to social care. But it’s important to understand what deliberate…
Eddie Plays Crazy Golf

Eddie Teddie Plays Crazy Golf

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Hello Friends, It’s your pal, Eddie! Have you been enjoying your summer holidays? I have been having lots of fun going out and about with my friends and my Mum and Dad. We have been on lots of day trips and I’ve even had a day at my friend Tedward’s house. We played with his…
image reads "are millennials really saving more than gen X?"

Are Millennials Really Saving More Then Gen X?

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When it comes to saving, the conventional wisdom is that you get better at is as you get older. Because of this, many people believe that older generations are likely to be saving more money, and saving more effectively, than those in younger generations. For a little while, this has been mostly true. But we’re…