What is ethical investment?

Ethical investments can be a great option for people who want to make a financial return, but not at any cost. By investing ethically, you are choosing to align your investments with your principles. So you can make money, and feel good about it! A brief history of ethical investments Ethical, or socially responsible, investments…
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What is the Residential Nil Rate Band?

New inheritance tax rules could save your family £140,000. That’s worth knowing about. The number of UK families being affected by inheritance tax (IHT) has been on the increase. The rise in property prices has pushed thousands of unsuspecting families over the old tax-free thresholds, making them liable to the hefty 40% IHT charges. The…
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Asset Allocation in 5 minutes

What is asset allocation? Asset allocation is the process of deciding how to divide investment money across different asset categories. The aim of asset allocation is to reduce your risk whilst maximising the return on your investment. In broad terms, there are four main types of asset categories: cash, shares (also called equities), property and…
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