Eddie's spot the difference competition

Eddie’s Easter Competition

Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie! Spring is here! Although with all that snow earlier in the month, it certainly didn’t feel like it. It was great fun playing in the snow, but now I’m ready for some better weather so I can get out and about on my bike again. Easter is coming. I do…
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Eddie at the bank

Eddie gets a bank account

Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie! One of the best things about being a bear is that I’m quite small. That means I get taken on lots of holidays because I don’t take up much space. I’m very lucky because I get to travel with lots of different friends who take me to see the world.…
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investing in cryptocurrency

Investing in cryptocurrency

There’s not a day goes by at the moment without so-called cryptocurrency hitting the headlines. But what’s it all about? And with tales of people making stacks of money investing in them, should you jump on board? What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a digital money system. Unlike regular money, it has no physical presence. Cryptocurrency…
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Eddie’s Adventure in America

Hello Friends, it’s Eddie Teddie. Happy New Year! How has 2018 been for you so far?I’ve been super busy again, adventuring in America. It’s been amazing! I really enjoyed seeing some historical sights and eating lovely American food. One of the places I went to is the Portland Head Lighthouse. It’s one of the most…
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