Asian Financial Markets

The Growth of the Asian Financial Markets

We all know by now that when it comes to investment, diversification is key. Luckily, there are plenty of investment opportunities out there to make for a suitably diverse portfolio. Asia is quickly becoming the place to go if you’re looking for interesting investment options. What with their financial markets representing trillions of dollars, it’s…
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Eddie Teddie Dreamcatcher

Eddie Teddie Makes a Dreamcatcher

Hello friends! I have had a really fun weekend! Do you remember how last month I told you that keeping fit is my New Year’s resolution this year? Well, I went for a walk with Mum and Dad at Norfolk Wildlife Trust Cley and Salthouse Marshes, which included a stroll along Cley beach followed by…
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Brexit - What happens now?

Brexit – What Happens Now?

Just in case you missed it, as of 11pm, on the 31st January 2020, the United Kingdom has officially left the European Union. After more than three and a half years of uncertainty, what will happen now we have left, particularly when it comes to your finances? The truth of it is, we still don’t…
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ethical investing

Ethical Investing: An Update

Ethical investing has become a bit of a buzz topic in the world of finance. We have already covered off the history of and what is ethical investing in a previous blog, so today we are going to be looking at what’s changed in the world of ethical investing. Let’s take a look.  Why is…
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Fitness Space Norwich

Eddie Teddie is Keeping Fit

Hello Friends, This is my first blog of 2020, happy New Year! I hope you all had a really fun Christmas spending time with friends and family, I certainly did. Do you remember that last year I wrote a blog post about my New Year’s resolution? Well I managed to save more money than I did…
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Eddie Teddie's Big Summer of Saving

Eddie Teddie – Teaching Children about Money

Julie explains how our happiness director, Eddie Teddie, helps children learn the important life skill of managing money. Thanks to his regular blog posts and his debut book, ‘Eddie Teddie’s Big Summer of Saving‘, Eddie is spreading the word about being financially savvy. With thanks to That’s Norfolk TV. That’s Norfolk TV – Eddie’s Big…
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EDP Norfolk Business Awards 2019 Finalist

EDP Business Awards 2019

Last year was a real winner, we were lucky enough to be shortlisted for the EDP Business Awards 2019! Something that we are incredibly proud of. We had a visit from That’s Norfolk TV who created a fab company introduction video for us. It gives a little sneak peek behind the scenes at the Face…
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