New ‘Death Tax’ Charges

Whilst everyone has been distracted by Brexit, the government have been busy putting through a new, so-called, ‘Death Tax’. It could see families having to pay up to £6,000 after the passing of a family member. Despite the name, the increased charge is technically a fee. By labelling it as a fee rather than a…
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Eddie Teddie’s New Year’s Resolution

Hello Friends, it’s Eddie Teddie! It’s a brand-new year! In January a lot of people make promises to themselves of things they would like to achieve by the end of December. These are called New Year’s resolutions. Often adults will say they are going to do more exercise or eat plenty of healthy foods.  …
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Eddie Teddie Elf on the shelf

Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie! Have any of you been visited by one of Father Christmas’ elves? They come and watch over you before Christmas to make sure that you are being kind and well behaved. I thought that my friends in the Face to Face Finance office haven’t got anyone making sure that they’re…
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