Eddie Teddie makes Pumpkin Soup

Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie. I hope you all had a lovely Halloween! I had a party with all my friends. We did some apple bobbing, some pumpkin carving and played a trick or treat game. Now that the fun is over it’s time to get rid of the pumpkins. There are lots of great…
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Eddie Teddie Goes To Work

Hello Friends, it’s Eddie Teddie! I have had a very exciting day. I have been to work! I was allowed to shadow the clever people working at Face to Face Finance. Our Mummies and Daddies go to work so they can earn some money. With this money they are able to pay bills so we…
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Memorialise your Facebook account

As financial planners, some of the work we do is related to planning for what happens when you die. It might not be the most cheerful topic, but there’s certainly plenty to think about. But with so many of us sharing our life with friends and family on Facebook these days, here’s something you might…
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