Eddie Teddie

Eddie Teddie's Driveway Shop

Eddie Teddie’s Driveway Shop

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Hello Friends! How are you all doing? It’s exciting that we can go out a little more and see more people now, isn’t it? I have been to the zoo with my friends and football training has started again. Have you been out and about recently? Seeing my friends and playing football isn’t the only…
Eddie Teddie Helps With the Spring Cleaning

Eddie Teddie Helps With the Spring Cleaning

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Hello Friends, How are you? Have you been able to go back to school yet? I have and it was so exciting seeing my friends and teachers again. I have been saving up to buy a new book about the ocean. At the weekend I counted up the money I had in my small treats…
Eddie Teddie makes pancakes

Making Pancakes With Eddie Teddie

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Hello! It’s your pal, Eddie. Yesterday was one of the best days of the year, pancake day! Although, I’m sure you know that. Did you have pancakes too? There are two types of pancakes, American pancakes which are thicker and fluffier, and then crêpe pancakes, which are the really thin ones that we usually make…
Eddie Meets the Long Stratton U15's Football Team

Eddie Meets the Long Stratton U15’s Football Team

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Hello friends! Last month, Dad told me some very exciting news! He had decided to sponsor the Long Stratton U15’s football team. This means that their football shirts have the Face to Face Finance logo printed on the front – how cool is that? I was even lucky enough to get a shirt of my…
Eddie Teddie is learning from home

Eddie Teddie is learning at home

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Hello classmates, Like lots of you, I have been having all my lessons at home because there is another lockdown and school is closed. I don’t mind learning from home too much because Mum and Dad are very clever so can answer most of my questions. I do miss my teacher and all of my…
Eddie Teddie feeds the birds

Eddie Teddie Feeds the Birds

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Hello everybody! It’s me, Eddie. Have you looked out of your window recently? If you do, you might just spot some garden friends looking for food. I have been really enjoying watching the birds out of my window. I have seen so many different types including Blue Tits, Great Tits, Robins and Bullfinches. I like…
Eddie Teddie putting coins into his jam jars

Eddie Teddie Tries Jam-Jar Budgeting

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Hello everyone, It’s your friend, Eddie Teddie. How have you been getting on with saving your pocket money? As we haven’t been able to go out so much this year, I have found it a little easier to save my money. With the extra money I have been saving, I’m finding it tricky to decide…
Eddie Teddie the Wizard Detective

Eddie Teddie Becomes a Detective

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Hello friends, I have been up to something rather exciting. On Saturday 12th September I got to pretend to be a detective for the day. It was so much fun! Mum, Dad, myself and some friends took part in a Wizard themed CluedUpp Detective Day. It is a game where you go around your city…
Eddie Teddie doing a cross stitch

Eddie Teddie Learns to Cross Stitch

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Hello friends, What have you been up to recently? We have had so much free time to fill recently I’m running out of things to do! A few days ago, I just couldn’t make up my mind how I wanted to spend my day. As it’s the school holidays I didn’t have any lessons to…