Eddie Teddie

Eddie Teddie and Secret Santa

Eddie Teddie and Secret Santa

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Hello Friends, IT’S CHRISTMAS! What an exciting time of the year. My favourite things about Christmas are decorating the Christmas tree, singing Christmas songs, and getting a chocolate every day from my advent calendar! My advent calendar is brilliant because it’s a wooden train with 24 little drawers and a treat in each one. I…
Eddie Meets Penguins

Eddie Teddie Meets Penguins!

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Hello Friends, This month, I have been on the most exciting trip. I have been to Antarctica to see some penguins! I don’t know about you, but I love penguins, in fact they are probably my favourite bird. Up until now I have only been able to see them in the zoo. This year though,…
Eddie Teddie's Autumn Baking

Eddie Teddie’s Autumn Baking

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Hello Friends, I don’t know about you, but I love it when autumn comes around. The leaves are starting to turn red, orange and gold. We can have bonfires, wrap up in big jumpers and drink hot chocolate. It’s also a great time of year to pick my favourite fruit, apples.  There is an orchard…
Eddie Teddie and the Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Eddie Teddie helps out with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust

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Hello Friends! Do you remember when I told you about conservation work last year? Well, I’ve been giving it a go again. Myself and the Face to Face Finance team went along to help at a conservation day with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust at Foxley Wood. Foxley Wood is one of The Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s…
Eddie Teddie learns to row

Eddie Teddie learns to row

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Hello Friends, I don’t know about you, but I love to try new things. You never know when you might discover your next favourite hobby. This month I tried my paw at rowing! I went along to Yare Boat Club with Julie and Emma. They both work at Face to Face Finance who sponsor two…
Plastic Free July

Eddie Teddie is giving up plastic for July!

Hello Friends! This month, rather than focusing on saving money, I am focusing on saving the planet! To do this I am taking part in Plastic Free July. This means that I have to avoid using single-use plastic, helping to reduce plastic waste. Single-use plastic includes things like plastic bottles, drinking straws and food packaging.…
Eddie Teddie's Big Summer of Saving

Eddie Teddie has a book!

Hello again, it’s your friend Eddie! This month I have some extremely exciting news! I have been keeping a little secret for a while now. Finally, I can tell you all about it…I have a book! I have recently had a great adventure and learned a lot about saving. The amazing team at Face To…

Eddie Teddie goes to Auntie Becky’s wedding!

Hello Friends! I have had such an exciting time this month! Auntie Becky got married. Have you ever been to a wedding? This was my first one and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. There was a marriage ceremony followed by the wedding reception. At the wedding reception there was delicious food and loads of…
Eddie Teddie in Spring

Eddie Teddie’s favourite season: Spring

Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie! Yippee! It’s Spring, my favourite time of the year! I think Spring is the best because I love all the things that you think of when you think of Spring: Tiny chicksFluffy bunniesLittle lambsBeautiful flowers. I like to go for nice long walks in the sunshine and see how many…
World Book Day

Eddie Teddie Dresses up for World Book Day

It’s World Book Day today! On the first Thursday of March every year schools across the country celebrate the magic of reading. We all get to dress up as our favourite characters from our favourite stories to raise money. All the money that is donated from dressing up is used to make sure every child…