Eddie Teddie

Eddie Teddie Christmas Market

Eddie Teddies Goes to a Christmas Market

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Hello Friends, Last weekend there was a Christmas market in the city and I went along with Mum and Dad. This Christmas market pops up every December and we love to go and get into the festive spirit. There are lots of stalls full of Christmas decorations, yummy food and brilliant present ideas. If you…
Eddie Teddie and his dog, Doug

Meet Doug: Eddie Teddie’s Dog

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Hello friends, I have some very, very, very exciting news – I got a dog! His name is Doug, he’s a Corgi and he’s a very good boy.  I have wanted a dog for a very long time. I ask Mum and Dad if I can have one for every Birthday and Christmas but they…
Eddie Teddie and the bees

Eddie Teddie and the Bees

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Hello friends! Are you looking for a new book to read? Well, I have just the thing – I have written my third book, Eddie Teddie and the Bees, and it is out now! I was inspired to write my latest book after learning about bees at school. I like to raise money for charity…
Eddie's trip to Scotland

Eddie Teddie’s Trip Across Scotland

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Hello Friends, At the beginning of the month I went on a really exciting adventure, I took a trip across Scotland with Mum and Dad to follow in the footsteps of a lady in a book Mum had been reading. I helped Mum to plan the trip. She told me where we would start, where…
Eddie Plays Crazy Golf

Eddie Teddie Plays Crazy Golf

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Hello Friends, It’s your pal, Eddie! Have you been enjoying your summer holidays? I have been having lots of fun going out and about with my friends and my Mum and Dad. We have been on lots of day trips and I’ve even had a day at my friend Tedward’s house. We played with his…
Eddie Makes Pasta

Eddie Teddie Makes Pasta

Hello Friends, Recently it was my friend Emma’s birthday, so we surprised her with a trip to London for a cooking class! Emma is very good at baking cakes and cooking yummy food so we thought she would enjoy having a go at making her own pasta. We went to a place called Pasta Evangelists…
Eddie Teddie Walks Hadrian’s Wall

Eddie Teddie Walks Hadrian’s Wall

Hello Friends, It’s your pal, Eddie, and I’m here to tell you that I have been on a big adventure! I learned a lot along the way too. This month I went with Mum and Dad to walk along the Hadrian’s Wall Path! Have you heard of Hadrian’s Wall? It was built a really long…
Eddie Teddie At a Beach Hut

Eddie’s Day at a Beach Hut

Hello friends, Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside, oh I do like to be beside the sea! Can you guess where I have been for a day trip recently? That’s right, I have been to the beach! Mum entered a competition and won a day at Bettie Beach Hut on Gorleston seafront.…
Eddie Teddie's Driveway Shop

Eddie Teddie’s Driveway Shop

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Hello Friends! How are you all doing? It’s exciting that we can go out a little more and see more people now, isn’t it? I have been to the zoo with my friends and football training has started again. Have you been out and about recently? Seeing my friends and playing football isn’t the only…
Eddie Teddie Helps With the Spring Cleaning

Eddie Teddie Helps With the Spring Cleaning

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Hello Friends, How are you? Have you been able to go back to school yet? I have and it was so exciting seeing my friends and teachers again. I have been saving up to buy a new book about the ocean. At the weekend I counted up the money I had in my small treats…