Eddie Teddie

Eddie’s Adventure in America

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Hello Friends, it’s Eddie Teddie. Happy New Year! How has 2018 been for you so far?I’ve been super busy again, adventuring in America. It’s been amazing! I really enjoyed seeing some historical sights and eating lovely American food. One of the places I went to is the Portland Head Lighthouse. It’s one of the most…

Eddie Teddie’s Christmas

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Eddie Teddie woke up early on Christmas morning, jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to the Christmas tree. There was a pile of presents for Eddie, which he couldn’t wait to open. He’d been wishing for Santa Claus to bring him a new piggy bank. He’d been doing so well with his money saving…
Eddie Teddie gets ready for Christmas

Eddie Teddie Gets Ready for Christmas!

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Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie. Wow – what a very busy month it has been! We’ve had Halloween in the Office, we said a big happy birthday to our lovely Charlotte when we went out for dinner. I even went to America! But it’s November now. And do you know what this means? It’s only…

Eddie Teddie Exchanges Currency

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Hello Friends, it’s Eddie Teddie. It’s been a busy time for a little bear like me since I last spoke to you all. I’ve been saving money, counting money, and even celebrated Nicola’s birthday at Bowling and we went for tea! How’s your month of money counting going? Have my worksheets helped you? So, this…

Eddie Teddie goes to Scotland!

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Hello Friends, it’s Eddie Teddie! I hope you’ve been enjoying my money saving tips. Thank you all for reading them! It’s been a busy month being back at school. But I’ve been remembering my summer trip to Scotland. I wanted to share some pictures of my time there. It’s a beautiful place with lots of hills, lakes…
Eddie Teddie counting coins

Eddie Teddie and his school lesson: counting money

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Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie. I hope you’ve had a good first month back at school – especially for those who’ve just started in reception! I’m loving school as it means I get to spend every day with my bear friends. What do you love about school? In my maths lessons, I’ve been learning how…
Eddie Back to School

Eddie Teddie Goes Back to School!

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Hello Friends, it’s Eddie Teddie. It’s almost September – time to go back to school! This summer has been so much fun. I’ve been to Great Yarmouth beach for our Annual Crazy Golf Tournament, I took a trip to Oxford, and spent time with my bear brothers too. It was bear-tastic! Thanks to my money…
Eddie Teddie Summer Saving

Eddie Teddie: Summer Saving

Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie. I’ve been saving lots of money to have fun with my bear brothers over the summer holidays. I’d love to help you do the same! Here are my three top bear tips for July: Ask if you can get a piggy bank. Even better, make one! Mine’s called Peter the…