Milestones: Employing Others

Milestones: Employing Others

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So, you have followed the advice in our article on managing your finances when starting a new business and have now successfully established your own company. Congratulations! With any luck, you are starting to get nice and busy. Maybe you could even do with a helping hand? Recruiting staff is a massive, and quite scary,…
Buying and Selling a Second Home

Milestones: Buying and Selling a Second Home

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Do you dream of owning a holiday cottage in the Cotswolds? Maybe a seaside villa is more your style. Or, you could be after a flat in the city to save a long commute a few times a week. Whatever your preference, a second home is something that many people have on their wish list.…
Milestones: Starting a Business

Milestones: Managing your finances when starting a new business

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There’s a definite sense that more and more individuals are shunning “real jobs” in favour of starting their own business. Whether your motivation is the need for a more flexible schedule, pursuing a dream, seeking a more balanced life, or disillusionment with the corporate world, you’re likely to be giving up a steady salary for…

Milestones: Financially Planning for Having Children

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It’s no secret, babies are expensive! The latest Child Poverty Action Group report shows that raising a child costs couples £150,753. This includes rent and childcare until they are 18 at the minimum standard of living. Do you have enough spare cash to foot the bill? If you’re planning on having children, you’re going to…

Milestones: Planning for your wedding

Everyone knows that weddings aren’t cheap. They’re one of the biggest days of any person’s life so being able to afford the wedding of your dreams is the goal for every engaged couple. There are plenty of tips and tricks on how to save money on your wedding floating around on the internet but advice…
selling a house

Milestones: Financial planning for selling a house

Last month we shared some financial planning tips for buying your first home. Hopefully once you’re in, you’ll be there for a while! But when you join the property ladder, there’ll more than likely be a time you want to sell a house too. And the financial implications can be as significant. Selling your home…
financial planning for buying a house

Milestones: Financial planning for buying a house

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial commitments you will make in your lifetime. With property prices soaring, getting on the property ladder can feel like an impossible task for many. Whilst we can barely scratch the surface of all the things you need to consider in the space of one article, we’ve…

Milestones: saving for higher education

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Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing a special series of Milestones articles with you. These cover financial planning for different life stages. Here’s the first article, covering higher education. If you have a child, or children, who may want to go on to study beyond school, things could get expensive. Very expensive. University tuition…