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image reads "An ageing population: impacts and solutions"

An Ageing Population: The Impacts and Solutions

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We’ve all heard the news stories about how the population is getting older. But what does it mean when we say that the population is ageing? What effects will it have? Are there any solutions? In this article we’re going to bring you details on what an ageing population could mean for you. Obviously, there…
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Explaining The Changes To Social Care Costs

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In our last article, we discussed the recent changes to the pensions triple lock. The Government’s recent announcements are big news in the financial world, so this week we’re going to move on to another of the new changes. This time, we’ll be looking at the social care costs policy changes. The recent announcement included…
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Deliberate Deprivation of Assets: Should You Be Worried?

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Deliberate Deprivation of Assets: Should You Be Worried? You may have heard of “deliberate deprivation” in relation to the way that local authorities calculate means-tested social care and support costs. It’s often talked about, but perhaps less well known than other issues when it comes to social care. But it’s important to understand what deliberate…
What happened to the social care reform?

What has Happened to the Social Care Reforms?

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Three years ago we wrote about the social care crisis in our post Old Age Care: Where do we go from here?  By now, there should have been some changes implemented to help ease the crisis. However, social care reforms have, once again, been put on hold. Lord Bethell, parliamentary under secretary of state at…
12 steps to a longer life

12 Steps to Living Longer (and what you need to do about it)

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As a nation we are living longer, and it may not be down to just our genes. Improvements in medical treatment and healthier lifestyle habits are all contributing to our extended lifespans. Do you want to make sure you are on the ever-growing list of people receiving a card from the Queen? Here are 12…

Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney: An Overview

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We often write about planning for your future and this post is no different. But it is quite a tricky area. Imagine you were no longer able to make decisions for yourself. A terrifying thought, but a reality for an increasing number of people, particularly the elderly. There are 850,000 people with dementia in the…

What is a Care ISA?

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Growing old is inevitable. Planning for life after retirement is vital. As more of us are living for longer there is a good chance that you will need to factor in paying for your care in older age too. There is to be an estimated funding gap of £5.5billion in social care in 2020-2021. Which…
How many years of care can you afford

How many years of care can you afford by self-funding?

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There’s a good chance that you are going need to move into a care home in later life. At the moment, if you live in England or Northern Ireland you have to self-fund your care home fees if your assets (which may include your property) or savings add up to more than £23,250. In The…

Mortgages for the over 65s: it affects us all

What’s the situation? The amount of mortgage debt held by the over 65s is set to almost double from £20.1 billion to £39.9 billion by 2030. The financial industry, and mortgage lenders in particular, need to take action in response to these figures. The right moves could help stimulate the housing market to the benefit…

Old Age Care: Where do we go from here?

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The Old Age Care Problem Here in the UK, we’re facing a crisis when it comes to how we’re going to pay to care for our aging population. People over the age of 90 in the UK now account for almost 1% of the entire population. Calling it a crisis isn’t overstating the issue. More…