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Pensions advice vs. pensions guidance: What’s the difference?

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You may have heard of the terms ‘advice’ and ‘guidance’ being used to refer to help you could access about your pension. But do you really know the difference? The two terms have specific meanings, and understanding the difference between the two is vital, as one is regulated and comes with legal protection, while the…

Helping your child become a millionaire!

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We’ve written before about how to save for your children. You may have heard of some of the options – junior ISAs, bonds, trusts – before. But we left you with a tantalising promise to let you know how you can help your child become a millionaire. Well, here’s the lowdown. Pensions for children (child…
Pension Freedom Age increasing to 57

The Pension Freedom Age is Set to Increase

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Back in 2014, the Government indicated that the age at which people could access their private pension was set to increase. As the government didn’t legislate for the change, many in the industry were unsure whether the change would happen. Last month, however, the Government confirmed they were going to increase the age. From 2028,…
Pensions vs Property; which is the best investment

Which is the Better Investment; Pension or Property?

It’s not uncommon for people to invest in property as their little nest egg for retirement. For some, property is seen as a safer option in the long run compared to the volatility of financial markets which affect pensions. In fact, a recent YouGov poll found that 30% of respondents between the age of 45…
Auto Enrolment: What happens if you don't comply?

Auto Enrolment: What Happens If You Don’t Comply?

For those of you who employ more than one person, you probably know all about auto enrolment. If you don’t (and you really should) here is a reminder; auto enrolment is a government scheme which requires an employer to place all qualifying staff into a workplace pension scheme. The employer should also make contributions towards…
Auto enrolment and furlough

Auto Enrolment Pensions and Furlough

Many employers are making use of the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) to access much-needed financial support which will enable them to keep their staff employed during the lockdown period, and potentially beyond. Under the scheme, employers can claim 80% of a furloughed employees’ usual monthly salary up to £2,500 a month. They can…
End of the tax year

What to do before the end of the tax year

April will be here before we know it. And with it comes a new tax year. There’s just enough time between now and April 5th to take action to make sure your money is working as hard as possible for you. Here’s a handy checklist to work through: 1) Use up your ISA allowance An…
Brexit - What happens now?

Brexit – What Happens Now?

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Just in case you missed it, as of 11pm, on the 31st January 2020, the United Kingdom has officially left the European Union. After more than three and a half years of uncertainty, what will happen now we have left, particularly when it comes to your finances? The truth of it is, we still don’t…