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National Insurance Contributions Due To Rise Next Year

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In our recent articles, we’ve been giving you our analysis of some of the Government’s recent changes to taxes, health and social care and pensions. In our last article, we discussed the upcoming changes to social care costs, and mentioned that they would be funded by an increase in National Insurance Contributions (NICs). In this…
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Explaining The Changes To Social Care Costs

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In our last article, we discussed the recent changes to the pensions triple lock. The Government’s recent announcements are big news in the financial world, so this week we’re going to move on to another of the new changes. This time, we’ll be looking at the social care costs policy changes. The recent announcement included…
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Are Millennials Really Saving More Then Gen X?

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When it comes to saving, the conventional wisdom is that you get better at is as you get older. Because of this, many people believe that older generations are likely to be saving more money, and saving more effectively, than those in younger generations. For a little while, this has been mostly true. But we’re…
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Meet The UK Investors Beating US Investor Legend Warren Buffett

We were intrigued when we came across research suggesting that some UK fund managers have been out-performing investment legend Warren Buffett. Investment company AJ Bell have undertaken analysis of fund performance and have identified a number of funds that they claim are beating Berkshire Hathaway, the massive investment juggernaut that Buffett helms. So, in this…
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The “Pandemic Economy”: One Year On

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At this point, it sounds a little obvious to say that the pandemic has drastically reshaped the economy. We all know that Covid-19 has impacted the economy massively, globally, and in ways that nobody could have anticipated even 18 months ago. But, while we all know that the economy has been affected, it’s worth digging…

Webinar | PIPSI – 5 Steps to Planning Your Finances

We’re always keen to educate people when it comes to finances. Recently, Emma and Ralph hosted a free webinar for the Norfolk Chambers of Commerce and we would love to share it with you. This webinar was all about planning your finances using PIPSI. Emma and Ralph walk you through the process which will help…
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UK Budget 2021: Our Run-through

Yesterday, the Chancellor of the British Government, Rishi Sunak, announced the budget for 2021. It’s important to keep up to date with these announcements, as the budget broadly sets out the national picture for saving and spending, and there can be real impacts to your household or business finances. To help, here’s our run-through and…