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How to protect yourself from businesses going bust

How To Protect Yourself From Businesses Going Bust

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It’s no secret that businesses have been faced with hard times recently. According to the Centre for Retail Research, 38 major retailers were failing between January and November 2019. Big names like Mothercare, Debenhams and Thomas Cook have all found themselves in trouble. As the economy continues to struggle, we could see more companies going…
Calculating your investment risk profile

Calculating Your Investment Risk Profile

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For those of you who already invest, you probably have a pretty good idea of what an investment risk portfolio is. For those of you who don’t, this summary is for you. A risk profile is an evaluation of an individual’s willingness and ability to take risks. When it comes to investment, risk and return…
12 steps to a longer life

12 Steps to Living Longer (and what you need to do about it)

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As a nation we are living longer, and it may not be down to just our genes. Improvements in medical treatment and healthier lifestyle habits are all contributing to our extended lifespans. Do you want to make sure you are on the ever-growing list of people receiving a card from the Queen? Here are 12…
Inherited ISAs

Inherited and Flexible ISAs: Part 2

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Following on from our last blog post about Flexible ISAs, we are continuing to look at recent ISA changes. In part 2, it’s the turn of the Inherited ISA. So, what exactly is an Inherited ISA? An introduction to Inherited ISAs In 2015 a rule was introduced to make it possible for an individual to…
Flexible ISAs

Inherited and Flexible ISAs: Part 1

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By now, we’re sure you all know that having an ISA is a tax-efficient way for saving towards your financial goals. Since their introduction in 1999 they have grown and developed significantly. Over the next couple of articles, we are going to take a look at two of the latest changes; Flexible ISAs and Inherited…
Intergenerational Planning

Intergenerational Planning

If we were to ask you where you would like your home and money to go when you pass away, you’ll probably say to your family, and that is no surprise. You have worked hard to earn what you have and besides, it’s a parent’s prerogative to look after their children no matter what their…
accessing your pension without advice

Is it wise to access your pension without seeking advice?

We have written quite a few articles about pensions. Hopefully we’ve highlighted the importance of seeking advice as part of the pensions process. Everyone is going to need to access their pension sooner or later. Whether you’re approaching your retirement, or if it’s still a decade away, the more informed you all are about it, the…
Income Protection for under 35s

Should People Under 35 Have Income Protection Insurance?

Income protection is often something that people don’t consider until later in their lives. But new research shows that financial advisers believe people should be considering income protection much sooner. The research, carried out by Royal London, acknowledged that, despite its many benefits, Income Protection isn’t the easiest protection to sell. But, under-35s are a…

What to do if you hit your lifetime allowance (LTA)

As a nation, we are beginning to save more money for retirement. What with the government’s auto enrolment scheme, we are starting to put money into our pensions earlier than ever. But does this mean we are all running the risk of hitting our lifetime allowances? If so, what happens then? What is the current…