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Helping your child become a millionaire!

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We’ve written before about how to save for your children. You may have heard of some of the options – junior ISAs, bonds, trusts – before. But we left you with a tantalising promise to let you know how you can help your child become a millionaire. Well, here’s the lowdown. Pensions for children (child…

How to save for your children

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From before they’re even born, children are expensive! But as they grow up, these costs are likely to get bigger and bigger. Driving lessons, first car, university, weddings, first home…that’s a lot of money to find. If you want to help your children get off to a strong financial start, it’s a good idea to…
The impact of Covid-19: are you having enough for retirement?

The Impact of Covid-19: Are You Saving Enough For Retirement?

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Scottish Widows has released their 2020 Retirement and Savings Report. It was an interesting read this year, what with Covid-19 dramatically changing our everyday lives. It has been a challenging time both personally and financially for a lot of people. Many have found themselves juggling their finances whilst being furloughed, or out of work for…
Pensions vs Property; which is the best investment

Which is the Better Investment; Pension or Property?

It’s not uncommon for people to invest in property as their little nest egg for retirement. For some, property is seen as a safer option in the long run compared to the volatility of financial markets which affect pensions. In fact, a recent YouGov poll found that 30% of respondents between the age of 45…
worst mistakes to make during a market crash

Worst Mistakes to Make During a Market Crash

During these trying, and unusual, times it can be difficult to know what to do with your investments. Especially for those who are new to investing and may not have had to ride out a storm before. Your immediate reaction may be to jump ship but remember, investing is a long-term practice. Staying calm may…
coronavirus and the markets

Market Update: The Coronavirus Effect

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Yesterday, 12 March 2020, marked the worst day in the markets since 1987, with the FTSE 100 (the main UK index) dropping by more than 10%. As coronavirus continues to spread around the world, so too does investor fear that economic growth will be destroyed in its wake. Neil Wilson, chief market analyst at…