Eddie at the bank

Eddie gets a bank account

Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie!

One of the best things about being a bear is that I’m quite small. That means I get taken on lots of holidays because I don’t take up much space. I’m very lucky because I get to travel with lots of different friends who take me to see the world.

This month, I’ve been to India with Julie and Ralph. They took me on a cycling tour around an area called Kerala in southern India. We had an amazing time! I got to see tea plantations, tropical forests, some amazing beaches and lots of wildlife. The food was delicious, but quite spicy for a bear like me.

I’m really lucky to be able to go on holiday. It’s a special treat because holidays can be expensive. It can take a while to save up for one. So whilst we were away, Julie was teaching me why I should have a bank account, not just my piggy bank.

When you pay money into a real bank, it’s as if you’re lending them your money for a bit. So they pay you a little bit back as a thank you – this is called interest. The longer you keep your savings in the bank, the more that money builds up.

So I’m going to start a savings account at the bank and pay a little bit in when I can. Hopefully it will keep building up so that when I’m bigger I’ll be able to do my own spot of travelling.

Why don’t you speak to your grown up about setting up a bank account? The earlier you get started, the longer your money has to build up!

In the meantime, here are some pictures from our trip to India. Enjoy!

Lots of love,

Eddie x

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