Eddie Teddie and Health And Safety Bear Talk Firework Safety

Hello friends!

On the 5th of November it will be bonfire night. This means that we get to put our hats, coats and scarves on and stand outside to watch the fireworks. It’s one of my favourite nights of the year!

I am going to invite some of my friends round and we are going to have a party in the garden. Mummy and Daddy said we can eat baked potatoes, soup and hot dogs! Yummy!

I have been talking with my buddy, Health and Safety Bear. He works in the warehouse at ESE Direct. He has been telling me all about how to stay safe on bonfire night.

Here are our 10 top tips for if you’re watching fireworks in your garden:

  1. It’s very important to remember that fireworks and bonfires are dangerous. You should never play with or near them. You could get very badly hurt if you do. Stand well back when watching them go off.


  1. Ask the adult who is handling the fireworks to keep them safe in a box. They should check the instructions before they set them off. They should also make sure that you are a safe distance away before they light the firework. Fireworks should be lit at arm’s length and with a taper.


  1. Never pick up fireworks even if they have gone off. Let the adults tidy the rubbish away once you have finished with your display.


  1. Sparklers are lots of fun, you can write your name and draw shapes in the air when they are lit. Remember to always wear gloves when holding a sparkler so you don’t burn your fingers.


  1. Once your sparkler has gone out put it in a bucket of water straight away. Never touch the end that has been alight!


  1. Keep your pets inside and safe. They find fireworks too loud and very scary! Make sure all the windows and curtains are shut to block out as much of the noise as possible.


  1. Make sure you tell the adult who is building the bonfire to keep it well away from the house. Don’t have it too close to trees and plants either because they could catch fire. It’s nice to feel the warmth coming off the bonfire but don’t get too close!


  1. It’s useful to have a bucket of water on hand in case a firework falls over or the bonfire gets a little too big.


  1. Once the fun is over make sure that the bonfire has been put out properly. Throw a bucket of water over it so it doesn’t continue to burn.


  1. If someone does have an accident call 999 straight away!


Now you know our top tips you will be able to stay safe and have lots of fun too!

Love From Eddie Teddie and Health and Safety Bear  x x

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