Eddie Teddie the Wizard Detective

Eddie Teddie Becomes a Detective

Hello friends,

Eddie Teddie as a Detective Wizard

I have been up to something rather exciting. On Saturday 12th September I got to pretend to be a detective for the day. It was so much fun!

Mum, Dad, myself and some friends took part in a Wizard themed CluedUpp Detective Day. It is a game where you go around your city in a group, collecting clues and solving a mystery. We had to make our way across Norwich to find different witnesses. Each one gave us a new clue which would help us to solve the puzzle.

We had to work as a team to figure out the answers and crack the mystery. It was really handy working together to solve the clues because if one person didn’t know the answer, we could put our thinking caps together to work it out.

In the end we didn’t win, but we did guess correctly the first time! I had a really good time counting the clues and solving the mystery. The best bit, though, was that I got to dress up as a wizard! I love dressing up and my wizard outfit is one of my favourites.

Setting Up a Treasure Trail for My Friends

I enjoyed being a wizard detective so much that I decided I’m going to set up a treasure trail for my friends at school, then they could be detectives too!

I will hide one of my toy cars in the playground and write out some maths questions (my favourite subject) for them to work out. Each answer will lead them to a different question until they reach the final clue. This clue will tell them where the car is hidden. Hopefully they will find it before the end of lunch time! 

As it is a treasure trail, there needs to be some treasure! I have used some of my pocket money to buy an activity book and colouring pencils for each of my friends. They can carry on solving puzzles in the book and maybe one day become a real-life detective!

Do you like solving puzzles? Or, have you ever been on a treasure trail? If you haven’t you should give it a go, they are really fun and solving puzzles makes you smarter.

Love from Eddie x

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