Eddie Teddie climbs Snowdon

Eddie Teddie Climbs Snowdon for Charity

Hello again friends – Eddie here,

If you have been reading my blog for a while you probably know how important I think it is to do things that help other people. This month I have been raising money for a local charity called Star Throwers. They help lots of people who are poorly with Cancer and support the people who care for them at home too.

The thing with charities is they rely on donations from the general public. Without the money that people kindly raise or gift to them they wouldn’t be able to do their important work.

Star throwers were chosen as the charity of the year at Mum and Dad’s work, so the team are doing activities all year to raise money. I wanted to help raise money too so I asked Mum if I could join her and Aunty Emma when they did a sponsored climb up Snowdon.

Have you heard of Snowdon? It’s a big mountain in Wales and a very long way up! It’s a difficult walk, especially when you have little legs and paws like me. We made sure that we were doing lots of training walks in the run up to our climb.

Raising Money

Mum helped me to put together a sponsorship form that I could take to school to raise some money. My teacher let me stand up in assembly and tell the whole school what I was going to be doing. They then came to find me at breaktime all week to donate money.

Lots of my school mates donated some money for my sponsored walk and all of the teachers did too! I was very happy to be able to have something to give to Star Throwers. In total I raised £45 at school!

Mum and Aunty Emma were also raising money through work. They have set up a fundraising page which anyone can donate to, even your grown-ups if they would like to: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Facetofacefinance. So far Mum and Aunty Emma have raised a brilliant amount of £349!

Climbing Snowdon

We decided to climb Snowdon so we were at the top to see the sun set. We had lots of fun climbing to the top but it was very windy, some gusts were 56mph so I had to hold Mum’s and Aunty Emma’s hand so I didn’t blow away!

When we reached the summit (that’s what you call the top of a mountain) it was so beautiful and there wasn’t anyone else at the top with us. It felt like we were on top of the world and completely alone!

Watching the sun go down was so magical but it did mean we had to climb back down in the dark. This was quite tricky, we had to take it slowly and carefully, so we didn’t fall and hurt ourselves.

It was an amazing experience, especially as we were challenging ourselves whilst helping other people too.

Have you been up Snowdon? There is a train you can ride to get to the top if you want an easier way up and down!

See you next month,


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