Eddie Back to School

Eddie Teddie Goes Back to School!

Hello Friends, it’s Eddie Teddie.

It’s almost September – time to go back to school!

Eddie in OxfordThis summer has been so much fun. I’ve been to Great Yarmouth beach for our Annual Crazy Golf Tournament, I took a trip to Oxford, and spent time with my bear brothers too. It was bear-tastic!

Thanks to my money saving tips last month, I was able to save lots of money! I bought a pencil case to use when I go back to school at Bear Academy. It’s special to me because I will use it every day and it will remind me of how hard I saved to buy it. It’s red and has mini bears on it!

My very important question to you is how much did you save? Did you buy anything special? What did you get?

What’s even better is that my piggy bank is still very full! I didn’t spend all my money in August. That means I can save a lot more money even more quickly this month. Do you still have any money left over in your piggy bank?

I’d love to hear from you, so email [email protected] or comment below about your summer savings – send us a picture if you’d like!

Love, Eddie x

Written by Nicola Richman

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