Eddie Teddie goes hunting for GoGoHares

Hello friends, it’s Eddie Teddie!

If you’ve been out and about in Norfolk recently you will have seen the amazing painted GoGoHares hiding around. I decided to go hunting for as many hares as possible in Norwich with my friends.

With so many Hares dotted around the city it was hard to know where to start! We decided to begin at The Forum and go on from there. We did lots and lots of walking, from the city centre down to Norwich City Football Club and along the river.

I loved all of the Hares we saw, but the ones I liked the most were the Hare-y Spider, Honey Bunny and Professor Hare and his Magic Library.

I had taken £10 with me and wanted to buy a sticker book and some stickers to remember my fun day. The book was £5 and each sticker pack cost £1. I worked out that I could get the sticker book and 5 packs of stickers with my £10 I had brought along from my piggy bank.

The GoGoHares are celebrating 50 years of the Break charity. The kind people at Break help children have a better start in life. There are lots of ways you can support the charity, other than hunting the hares. You could buy some merchandise, do some fundraising or simply donate money (you may need help from a grown up for this one). This will help them do extra work for more children.

Being generous with your money is a very kind thing to do. It makes you feel happy because you know you are helping people who aren’t as lucky as you might be. Even small amounts help.

Have you found any of the GoGoHares? If not, they are around until the 8th September so get out there and get hunting!

Lots of Love,

Eddie Teddie x

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  • A fellow Hare lover!
    August 21, 2018 8:40 am

    Hello Eddie Teddie – I thought I recognised you!! Glad you enjoyed your day out. I only have 3 more Hares to see – have been looking for 2 but can’t find them at all. Have you seen the one on the Market or at the Dining Terrace in Chapelfields? It’s hard to choose a favourite – some of them are just so brilliant. Expect we’ll be seeing your Dad some time soon – will get the biscuits out for him!!!

    • I have seen the Hare in the market! That’s one of my very favourite ones; I like the natural look! Isn’t hare spotting such a fun thing to do? Love from Eddie x


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