Eddie Teddie Searches for Wolves

Eddie Teddie Goes Looking For Wolves

Hello Friends,

It’s your pal Eddie here. I’m lucky enough to go on lots of amazing adventures with Mum and Dad and this month is no different.

I have been in America looking for wolves!

In fact, I have been in Yellowstone National Park which falls into three states: Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. We were in the part which is in Montana. It was so beautiful; we were surrounded by mountains and snow and the sun was shining so brightly. It was freezing cold though! I made sure I was wrapped up in my warmest clothes with lots of layers and my fur helped to keep me nice and warm.

I have learned that wolves disappeared from Yellowstone in the 1930s but were reintroduced to in 1995. Since they have been living in the National Park again there have been huge changes to the plants and wildlife in the park. For example the Beaver population has increased from just one colony to nine!

Wolves in Yellowstone National Park

We had joined a Yellowstone Wolf Tracker trip, our guides were Michelle and Jamie who are absolute experts at finding wolves and know all there is to know about them.

I have seen wolves before in the zoo but couldn’t wait to see them in the wild.

Day one

On the first day we saw lots of wildlife including a bear who was hibernating, a coyote, longhorn sheep and a Bison who was frolicking in the snow – he was my favourite spot of the day! We did manage to spy a few wolves too but they were in the distance so we could only see them through the telescope which made them look very blurry, so I didn’t think that really counted.

In the afternoon we went to the terraces at Mammoth Springs which was so cool. They were heated by hot air coming up through the ground which was fascinating.

Day two

On the second day the temperature was even colder, but I didn’t mind because I was excited to hopefully see some more wolves. We were looking for a little while with Michelle and Jamie when suddenly we spotted one! Michelle said it was a female, between 19 and 29 years old and she had a full tummy. In the afternoon we saw some Mountain Goats, Bison and a very big Elk!

Day three

The final day of wolf tracking with Michelle and Jamie was the BEST day! We saw 14 wolves from the Junction Bute pack running along the valley. I was so excited, and Jamie said we were really lucky to see so many wolves at the same time.

I took lots of photos of the wolves but nothing beats seeing them with your own eyes. I have to keep pinching myself to remember that it was real!

Writing all about my trip

Wolf tracking with Mum and Dad was incredible. I feel very lucky to have seen so many wolves in the wild, plus all the other wildlife too. I have written a diary about what I got up to on the trip and some interesting facts about all the animals I saw. I can’t wait to take my diary into school to show my teacher and friends!

Have you seen any amazing animals in the wild? What is your favourite animal?

See you next time.

Love Eddie x

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