Eddie Teddie having his photo taken, holding a cupcake

Eddie Teddie Goes to a Photoshoot

Hello friends!

Are any of you back at school yet? I have been going in one day a week and it’s been so much fun to see my friends and teachers again. I really missed them whilst we were having to stay at home.

As well as going back to school, I have been up to lots of other fun things. I have been watching how well my plants have been growing, they have really enjoyed all the rain recently! I have also been making some cakes with Mummy and playing football at the park with Daddy.

My Favourite Day

My most exciting day last week was when I got to go to a photoshoot with Mummy, Auntie Emma and Auntie Becky! They are launching a new podcast where they will talk all about looking after your money. I wasn’t sure what a podcast was though, so Auntie Emma told me; it is a like a tv show that you listen to. There are hosts who talk about a topic and people listen along to learn new things. I thought it sounded a lot like a lesson at school!

A nice man called Chris Ball came to take the photos, he works at a company called GGS. He made the photoshoot so much fun because he said that happy people take the best photos.

Mummy, Auntie Emma and Auntie Becky all had aprons with the podcast logo on them, Auntie Becky then surprised me with my very own apron! I love it!

Auntie Emma had asked a very clever lady called Isabel Necessary to make the aprons. She has stitched the podcast logo on the front and she did a very good job! They look very smart.

Chris took lots and lots of photos so there are plenty to choose from. I asked what the photos were for and Mummy told me they were going to be used on the podcast website and the social media pages. How exciting!

Your Recipe for Financial Success Podcast

The new podcast is called Your Recipe for Financial Success. Mummy said it is a personal finance podcast which should help adults learn all the ingredients to make their money work for them. I’m not really sure what that means because money isn’t alive so it can’t work! But if your parents think the podcast sounds good they should take a look at the website www.recipeforfinancialsuccess.co.uk.

They are having a virtual party to launch the podcast on the 28th July which your Mummy and Daddy can sign up for. I hope I’m invited; I love parties!

As I’m only a child, I’m not sure whether I will understand everything that Mummy, Auntie Emma and Auntie Becky talk about on the podcast, but I’m going to listen anyway! Understanding money is a really important skill to have as a grown up so I want to learn as much as I can.

See you again soon!

Love, Eddie.

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