Eddie Teddie goes to Auntie Becky’s wedding!

Hello Friends!

I have had such an exciting time this month! Auntie Becky got married. Have you ever been to a wedding? This was my first one and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. There was a marriage ceremony followed by the wedding reception. At the wedding reception there was delicious food and loads of dancing.

Everyone is very joyful at a wedding. Even though I saw some people crying…Mum said they were happy tears! It’s a special time to celebrate love and relationships. Where two people become one family.

Before the wedding day I was lucky enough to be invited along to Becky’s Hen weekend. We went all the way to Copenhagen, which is in Denmark. You know how much I love to travel, so I was very excited to be invited on the trip. We had such a fun time!

Auntie Becky told me that she had to save up some money for the wedding. There were lots of things to pay for; the venue, her beautiful dress, the delicious food, the really fun disco, just to name a few things.

Before they started planning for their wedding Auntie Becky and Matt set a budget. This means that they decided how much they would like to spend on their wedding. By having a budget they knew exactly how much to save up. They were also able to keep track of the money they were spending.

Auntie Becky said that she and Matt had opened up a bank account especially for their wedding fund. I told her that I thought she was very sensible to do this! Bank accounts are a great way to keep your money safe and all in one place.

Even though the wedding is over they are going to keep the joint bank account open. This means they can both put a little bit of money in it each month to build some savings together. Then they can use this money to go on holiday together or to buy nice things for their home. What a brilliant idea! 

Congratulations to my Auntie Becky and her husband Matt! I know they are going to have a very long and very happy marriage.

Lots of love,

Eddie x

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