Eddie Teddie goes to Coleman Opticians

Eddie Teddie Goes To Coleman Opticians

Hello Friends,

This week I went along to Coleman Opticians in Norwich with Mum and had my eyes tested. Coleman Opticians think it’s very important that children have their eyes tested regularly. In fact, they specialise in checking children’s eyes.

I haven’t had my eyes tested before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was a little nervous, but my optician was really nice and helped me to feel relaxed.

For the eye test, I had to read some letters from a board. The letters got smaller and  smaller and I had to keep going until I couldn’t read anymore. The optician also asked me to look through some lenses to see if they made looking at a picture on the wall better or worse.

Once I had finished looking through the lenses my optician looked into my eyes with a little light. This was so they could check that the back of my eyes looked nice and healthy. I found this test a little funny because I wasn’t allowed to blink – it’s quite tricky to not blink!

After all the tests, I was told I didn’t need any glasses. I did try a few of the pairs of glasses on for fun though! I don’t think I would mind wearing them if I had to. Coleman Opticians had some really cool pairs in all different colours. I even found some with my favourite Roald Dahl character on!

I enjoyed my visit to the opticians, everyone was really nice and they had a little spot where I could sit and do some drawing whilst I waited for my turn to have my eyes tested. Even better (according to Mum) is that it was completely free. Turns out children under the age of 16 can get a free eye test.

Have you ever had your eyes tested?

Love from,
Eddie x

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