Eddie Teddie Goes To Work

Hello Friends, it’s Eddie Teddie!

I have had a very exciting day. I have been to work! I was allowed to shadow the clever people working at Face to Face Finance.

Our Mummies and Daddies go to work so they can earn some money. With this money they are able to pay bills so we can live in our houses and buy food for us to eat. Sometimes they even treat us to a new toy!

We will all have to get a job when we got older and I wanted to know what it was like being a grown up and going to work.

I was a little bit nervous on my first day but everyone was so lovely and friendly, they made me feel really welcome.

My main job was to prepare for something called an ‘annual review meeting’. I learned that this is a meeting where a client meets up with their Financial Consultant to see what is

happening with their money.

First of all I had to phone the client to confirm the time and date of their meeting. I felt very grown up doing this! It’s an important job because I needed

to make sure that I got the right time and date, if I didn’t the client might have missed their meeting!

Once I had confirmed the meeting with the client it was time to do a valuation. I think this is the most challenging thing I did. This job took a lot of concentration! There were lots of numbers, units and prices that I had to look at and then type the right ones in on the computer. I had to be very careful to make sure that I got them all right.

After completing the valuation I was ready for a break! I went to the kitchen and made teas and coffee for the whole team. I had a hot choco


It was funny trying to remember what everyone was having, by the time I got to the kitchen I had forgotten what some people wanted. I went back with a piece of paper and wrote their order down instead. I felt like I was a waiter in a café, so I did 2 jobs in one day!

The final thing that I had to prepare for the annual review meeting was putting together a pack for the client. The financial consultant goes through the pack to the clients in the meeting, so they can see what has been happening with their money.

To make this pack I had to print things off from the computer and file them in a folder in the correct order. One the pack was ready I gave it to Ralph because he was going to the meeting. He said I had done a very good job.

I was very tired when I got home from my day at work! I just wanted to have my dinner and read some of my favourite book to unwind after my long day of concentrating.

I have often wondered what my mummy and daddy get up to when they go to work. Now I know!

What job would you like to do when you grow up?

Lots of love,

Eddie Teddie x

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