Eddie Teddie's Big Summer of Saving

Eddie Teddie has a book!

Hello again, it’s your friend Eddie!

This month I have some extremely exciting news! I have been keeping a little secret for a while now. Finally, I can tell you all about it…I have a book!

I have recently had a great adventure and learned a lot about saving. The amazing team at Face To Face Finance decided to make my adventure into a book!  It’s called ‘Eddie Teddie’s Big Summer of Saving.’

In my book you can find out if I manage to save enough money to buy a brand new scooter. I’m not going to tell you how it ends because that would spoil the story!

There is even more exciting news! We are going to be exclusively launching my book at the Great Ellingham Teddy Bear Festival which takes place on 29th June.

The Teddy Bear Festival is probably the best festival in the world! They put on so many great activities to raise money. The money goes to local groups in the area, like the school and Dementia Café.

Usually my favourite part of the festival is the Teddy Trail! Lots of the houses put their very own giant bears in their gardens for everyone to spot. Some use teddy bears and others make giant bears out of straw! It’s brilliant.

This year, I think my favourite part of the festival is going to be different. The best part will definitely be launching my book! You should come along and meet me at the festival. I would love to see you. I will even sign your copy of my book!

If you can’t make it along to the Teddy Bear Festival, don’t worry! You will be able to buy one from Amazon. How cool is that? I feel like I am famous!

If someone in your family gets a visit from Ralph or Bob, who are Face To Face’s financial consultants, you can ask for a copy from them too.

My book costs £6 so take a look in your piggy bank to see if you have enough. If you don’t, ask your Mummy, Daddy, Guardian, Grandparents, Brother, Sister, Aunties, Uncles or anybody else if they will treat you to my fantastic book!

Lots of Love,

Eddie x 

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