Eddie Teddie helps his neighbour

Eddie Teddie Has Been Helping His Elderly Neighbour

Hello friends,

As we are all having to stay inside because of Covid-19 I have been making sure I stay busy. I have been starting my day with some exercise, I follow Joe Wicks’ PE class on YouTube. Then, I do my schoolwork. Mum said it’s important to still have a routine because we’re not going to school at the moment. Even though it is now the Easter holidays, I’m still trying to fill my day with lots of activities, so I don’t get bored and just watch tv all day.

Once I had finished my schoolwork, and now that it is the school holidays, I run errands for my elderly neighbour, in the village. I often help Mr Tedworth but it’s even more important now that he can’t leave the house.

Giving my neighbour a helping hand

I have been helping Mr Tedworth in lots of different ways:

When Mum goes to the supermarket, she gets Mr Tedworth’s shopping too. I help out by delivering the shopping round to his house. I pop it on the doorstep, knock on the door and walk back to the gate at the end of the garden. When Mr Tedworth opens his door to collect the shopping I shout ‘hello’ from the bottom of the garden. We will have a little chat because Mr Tedworth lives on his own and it’s important to give people who are living alone some company – even if it is from a distance!

On bin day, I have been putting Mr Tedworth’s bin out, then bringing it back in once it has been emptied. I have even taken his dog, Max, out for a walk a couple of times when I go on my daily exercise.

Spreading smiles in the village

When I have finished running errands and doing my chores around the house, I like to write letters and draw pictures. As well as sending some to Nanny, I post these through the letter boxes of all my neighbours in the village when I’m out for my walk. I hope that it gives them a little something to smile about. It can be a little boring staying in the house all day.

Some of my friends in the village have written letters back to me, and one even painted a big picture of me and stuck it in their window! It was really funny to see a picture of me in a window as I went out on my daily walk to deliver my drawings.

Showing support for the NHS

As well as drawing pictures for my family and friends in the village, I have also been painting rainbows for the NHS as they have been working very hard during the lock down. Mum said displaying rainbows in our windows is a nice way to show our appreciation  for the NHS. I have stuck my rainbow paintings in my bedroom window so everyone can see them as they pass.

What have you been doing whilst staying safe at home? Do you have a rainbow for the NHS in your window? Are you helping your neighbours? Have you been learning a new hobby or practicing a musical instrument? I would love to hear how you are staying busy and entertained! 

Love from,
Eddie x

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