Eddie Teddie and Revision Help

Eddie Teddie Helping With Revision

Hello friends, Eddie here!

I have been busy helping out in Mum and Dad’s office. They have a team of very clever people working with them who are always learning more skills to make themselves better at their jobs. This means they are always studying and taking exams to earn their qualifications.

As there were a few people taking exams this month and at the start of April, Mum asked if I would come to the office after school to help the team revise.

I was very excited about this because I love to help out – which I’m sure you know by now! I have taken a few Maths, English and Science tests at school so I hoped I would be able to share the things I do to help me remember information for the test. 

Revising for tests

Sophie and Lukas had their tests first. Sophie was revising for her taxation exam and Lukas was revising for his final financial consultant exam. Although I didn’t really understand what they are revising I was still quite useful to have around as a study buddy.

There were three ways that Sophie and Lukas were revising for their exams.

Revision cards

Sophie and Lukas have both been writing a lot of revision notes on to cards. My job was to ask them the questions at the top of the card and make sure they gave the right answers.

Mind maps

Another revision technique that Sophie and Lukas were using are mind maps. This method helps you to remember important words and the information that relates to those words.

You start with your topic in the middle of a page then write all of the important words around the main topic. Under those words you try to remember all the important information. It can also be useful to draw some pictures which help remind you about the information.

When I was practicing for my tests I always found colour coding the information useful so I helped by colouring in the different sections of their mind maps.

Mock tests

A really good way to revise for a test is to do lots of mock tests. This is where you sit down and complete old exam papers to practice and get an idea of what the questions will be like.

It’s important to make sure you time these tests so you know you won’t run out of time on the real thing. I was wearing my new watch which has a stopwatch on it, so I was able to start the clock when Sophie and Lukas began their papers and stopped it after exactly an hour.

 They passed!

The great news is our revising paid off because both Sophie and Lukas passed their exams! That means Sophie only has two exams left before she is fully qualified, and Lukas has now passed all of his exams so is a fully qualified financial consultant! Hooray!

We gave a big cheer and said congratulations when we found out they had passed. We even bought a cake to celebrate all of their hard work.

Speak to you again soon.

Love, Eddie x

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