Eddie Teddie and the Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Eddie Teddie helps out with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Hello Friends!

Do you remember when I told you about conservation work last year? Well, I’ve been giving it a go again. Myself and the Face to Face Finance team went along to help at a conservation day with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust at Foxley Wood.

Foxley Wood is one of The Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s reserves. It is a 305 acre woodland and in the spring-time the ground is covered by beautiful bluebells. It’s also a great place to spot all kinds of wildlife, especially butterflies and a lot of different birds.

Why did we go to help?

At the beginning of the year, Face to Face Finance chose Norfolk Wildlife Trust as their charity of the year. They joined the trust as Silver Corporate Members. This means that they paid a membership fee which goes towards supporting the trust and helping to pay for the great work they do.

As part of being a sponsor, the Face to Face team were able to go along and help the Norfolk Wildlife Trust with some conservation work. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about the local wildlife and also improve our skills of working as a team.

As a charity, the Norfolk Wildlife Trust love it when people help them out. Charities are a really great thing to get involved with. Donating money or giving up some of your time is really kind as they rely on donations and volunteers to continue with their hard, and important, work.

How we helped.

We spent the day coppice clearing, cutting down trees and burning part of the woodland! All of these jobs are important for habitat management. Meaning that the woodland doesn’t get too overgrown and it continues to be a place that wildlife want to live in.

Before we started, we were shown how to use the tools correctly and safely. We were also given tips and advice about the best techniques for our tasks.

Cutting down the trees was hard work. It was very satisfying at the end though because we could see exactly how much space we had managed to clear. Once we had finished cutting trees and branches it was time to burn the cuttings. I was a little concerned that by making a fire we would burn down the whole wood! The member of staff from Norfolk Wildlife Trust told me it was safe because the fire was controlled and not too close to any other trees.

I really enjoyed our conservation day because I love helping people, it always makes me feel very proud. I also like it when I get to learn new things, like how to use tools, or which species of birds I spotted in the trees.  

Do you enjoy being in nature and helping people out too?

Lot of love,

Eddie x

Eddie at Foxley Wood

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