Eddie Teddie Helps With the Spring Cleaning

Eddie Teddie Helps With the Spring Cleaning

Hello Friends,

How are you? Have you been able to go back to school yet? I have and it was so exciting seeing my friends and teachers again.

I have been saving up to buy a new book about the ocean. At the weekend I counted up the money I had in my small treats jar to see if I had enough but I was £5 short.

Helping with the spring cleaning

I asked Mum if there was anything I could do to earn some pocket money. She was doing some spring cleaning and said that I could help out.

I’m not sure why adults like to do a really big clean at spring-time. Maybe it’s so the Easter Bunny leaves us some chocolate eggs!


The first job Mum asked me to do was take the covers off all the cushions on the sofa, armchairs and beds and put them in the washing machine. Mum then put the Laundry Egg in the machine, and I switched it on (once Mum told me which setting the dial should point to).

I earned 50p for putting the washing on. £4.50 left to go!

Tidying my room

Next Mum asked me to tidy and vacuum my room. It wasn’t too messy, I just had to put some of my cars away, tidy up my crayons, pick up my pyjamas and make my bed. For doing this, I got another 50p. £4 left to go.

Making lunch

Once I had finished in my room it was time for some lunch. All that tidying had made me very hungry! Mum asked me whether I could make the sandwiches for lunch because she had to give Grandad a call. I said ‘of course, just call me Chef Eddie!’ I made ham sandwiched for Mum, Dad and myself. I also put some tomatoes and a dollop of coleslaw on each plate. Yum!

Mum said I had done a great job with lunch, so she gave me £1. Yes! Only £3 to go.

Cleaning the car

After lunch the sun was shining so Dad said he was going out to clean the car. I thought that sounded like a great job for a little bear to help with! I popped on my wellies, grabbed a sponge and followed Dad out to the car.

We had a lot of fun cleaning the car. My job was to get the wheels squeaky clean because my paws are small enough to get in the nooks and crannies. Dad was really impressed with how shiny the wheels were when I had finished that he gave me £3!

Brilliant, I had earned the £5 that I needed to buy my book! I can’t wait to learn even more about the animals that live in our oceans!

How have you earned your pocket money recently? Did you spend it on anything cool?

See you next month!


Eddie x

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