Eddie Teddie's flowerpots

Eddie Teddie in his Garden

Hello friends,

It’s been a funny few weeks, having to stay at home. I’m missing my friends and family and can’t wait to get back to school. But one thing I have enjoyed about being at home is spending time in the garden.

We are very lucky to have a garden, and even luckier that we’ve had some lovely sunny weather to enjoy. Normally at this time of year, we’d take a trip to a garden centre to choose some new spring flowers. But this year, we had to order some to be delivered instead.

I was very excited when I saw the delivery van arrive! The driver has been working hard getting everyone’s orders to them. He unloaded some trays of lovely colourful flowers and some big bags of compost that we need to help the plants grow big and strong.

We decided to plant our flowers in pots. So, we lined all the pots up and I helped scoop some compost into each one. We then had to carefully move each little plant into our pots, being careful not to break too many of the roots. Plants need their roots to suck up water and goodness from the compost to help them grow. I put some more compost around each plant to make sure it was nice and secure. Then I used my watering can to give them a good soaking.

As well as water and nutrients from the soil, do you know what else plants need to grow? That’s right, sunlight! Now the pots are full, they’re a bit too heavy for a small bear like me. So, Mum moved them all into nice sunny spots around the garden. They look great!

Mum has given me the special job of looking after our new plants. I need to make sure they are watered and remove any dead flowers so new ones can grow. If I take good care of them, they should look cheerful all summer.

Mum even said that if I do good job, she’ll pay me some pocket money to reward me for my hard work! I’m going to put all my pocket money in my moneybox and count it up at the end of the summer to see how much I’ve earned.

I really enjoyed planting our flowers – maybe you should give it a try? Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still grow some flowers in pots and put them on a windowsill so they get plenty of light. Don’t forget to water them!

I’d love to share some pictures of your gardening efforts. Please email them to info@ftof-finance.co.uk and I’ll share them on my blog!

Lots of love,

Eddie x

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