Eddie Teddie learns about conservation

Normally, when I write my little stories for you, I’m writing about how important it is to look after your money. But I learnt a very important lesson this month: looking after our planet is even more important.

I’ve had the most fantastic trip with Mum to the islands of St Kilda. They’re a very remote group of islands off the coast of Scotland. The islands are very beautiful, and they are also very important. There are lots of seabirds which breed on the islands. They are also important for plants, archaeology and natural history.

No one lives on the islands full time so at least once a year, a work party is organised to help take care of the islands and protect the important habitats.

This type of work is called conservation. Mum told me that this is what conservation means:

“the protection of plants and animals, natural areas, and interesting and important structures and buildings, especially from the damaging effects of human activity.”

There was lots of hard work to be done. We’ve been clearing streams, finding out about seabirds, and painting and repairing old buildings. We even did a beach litter pick where we picked up 775 items! We were lucky to have some really beautiful weather whilst we were there which helped us get lots of jobs done. I’ve put some pictures below.

Conservation work is carried out in all different types of environments to try and protect and repair our world. It is very important if we are all to have a happy and healthy future.

Why not think about some conservation work you can do in your local area? Perhaps you can organise your own litter pick? Or help build a wildlife garden at your school? Or even think of ways to use less water at home – collecting rain to water the flowers, for example.

You can also raise money for charities and organisations that fund conservation projects. There are lots of choose from. You could organise a cake sale at school or take part in a sponsored run. The money you raise goes towards helping protect the planet. Giving to charity makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside too.

Can you think of any other ideas?

Lots of love,

Eddie Teddie x


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