Eddie Teddie Learns About Numerology

Eddie Teddie Learns About Numerology

Hello friends!

Eddie Teddie here. I have been learning something really interesting this month and it’s called Numerology.

At work Mum and her friends were having their numerology numbers read to find out how they will do at work this year. As I set up my own business selling flower seeds to help the bees – you can read all about that in my latest book – I thought it would be fun to get my numbers done too.

I have asked my new friend, Jo Soley, to help me write this article because she’s an expert in Numerology! She has a company called Bizology and she helps lots of other business owners understand their numbers to help their businesses grow.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is similar to astrology but instead of looking to the stars it looks to numbers. It’s really old and was even used by Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks – you may have learned about them in school.

Jo said that music even uses numerology in relation to strings and tones!

You may be thinking that this all sounds like it’s going to be a maths lesson, but numerology tells the story of the numbers. Each number has an energy and numerology is all about reading those energies.

How does Numerology help me in my business?

Jo explained to me how numerology would help my Mum in her business and me in mine.

She says that understanding our numeric energies can really help us be more effective in our businesses! By learning about our numbers we can achieve loads of awesome things like:

  • Improving creativity
  • Developing better relationships
  • Increasing Profits

These are all super useful in business, so I think that numerology is really helpful!

Eddie Teddie’s numbers

Now it’s time for the exciting part! I’m about to learn what my numbers are and what they mean!

Eddie’s Life Path Number

I was born on the 20/4/2001, this means I am working with the energy of the number 9 as my Life Path number – the same as Mum!

9 is The Humanitarian.

9 is about Charity, Love, Compassion and Kindness. I think this sums me up pretty well! You know from my blog that I love helping others whenever I can.

I’m really excited to be a number 9, and to use my qualities to help others and make smart business decisions.

Eddie’s Name Number

You can also work out what your name means and how you appear to others using Numerology.

The name Eddie Teddie makes the number 2, which is called The Sensitive – this is how I am seen to others.

Jo said that in business, number 2’s work well in groups as they are co-operative and work patiently and carefully. I love working together with others so this sounds perfect!

Numerology Year Cycles

Numerology works in 9-year cycles. Some years make it better and easier to do certain things. Jo told me that I’m in a Personal Year 11 until my birthday in April, this is a master number energy.

She said it’s a HUGE year in my life which is very exciting! She also said that it can be a year of ups and downs.

Bizology by Jo Soley

I would like to say a huge thank you to Jo for letting me know my numbers! I found it really interesting and was pleased to hear my results. I think the Humanitarian and Sensitive descriptions sound a lot like me.

If your grown-ups are interested in finding out their numeric energies and what they mean for their business success go to www.josoley.com

I hope you enjoyed learning about Numerology as much as I did!

See you next time. Love,

Eddie x

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