Eddie Teddie doing a cross stitch

Eddie Teddie Learns to Cross Stitch

Hello friends,

What have you been up to recently? We have had so much free time to fill recently I’m running out of things to do!

A few days ago, I just couldn’t make up my mind how I wanted to spend my day. As it’s the school holidays I didn’t have any lessons to do, Mummy and Daddy had to do some work on their computers so we couldn’t go out for the day, and all my friends were busy.

I asked Mummy what I could do to keep me busy and she suggested I had a go at a cross stitch kit. I had never tried to cross stich before, so I decided to give it a go.

With a cross stitch kit, you follow a pattern to sew a picture. Within the kit, you are supplied with a piece of cross stitch material, all the coloured threads you need, a sewing needle and a pattern to follow. I chose a kit of a bear holding a big flower.

A Cross Stitch Pattern

A cross stitch pattern tells you everything you need to know about where to stitch and what colour to use.

The pattern is made up from a grid of squares, each square represents one square in the material. The squares on the grid which have a shape; like a cross, a square or a circle, represents where you need to make your stiches.

Each different symbol tells you which colour of thread to use.

Starting Your Cross Stitch

When you begin a new project, you have to choose a place to start, its usually easiest to start at the edge or in the middle. Choosing a spot with a big block of the same colour is sensible too.

Find the place you want to start and look at the shape on the pattern to find the coloured thread you need to use.  

Once you have found the right colour, you need to thread the needle. This bit is really tricky! The hole in the needle (called the eye) is so small it took me a long time to get the thread through! My little paws found it very fiddly.

When the needle was finally threaded it was time to start sewing. The cross stitch material has very small holes in it, you need to count the holes to find your starting place on the pattern. This takes a bit of concentration.

Once I found the right hole, I poked the needle through and pulled until most of the thread was on the front side. I then had to poke the needle back through in the diagonal hole. I did the same thing in the opposite direction which made a little cross in the material. This was my first stitch!

A really good tip is to colour in the stitch you have just made on the pattern. This makes it really easy to keep track of where you are up to. Also, if you do all of one colour at the same time you won’t have to keep rethreading the needle and you won’t lose your place.

My Favourite Part

I enjoyed doing the cross stitch, it kept me busy all day and I still haven’t finished. I can do some more when I next have some free time.

I liked how I had to carefully count the squares to make sure I was working in the right place. It was also fun matching the symbols to the thread colour because it reminded me of reading a map, which I had learned to do at school!

Have you tried anything new recently? How about giving cross stitch a go? There are so many patterns out there, you will probably be able to find one for all of your favourite things!

See you next month!

Love, Eddie x

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