Eddie Teddie learns to row

Eddie Teddie learns to row

Hello Friends,

I don’t know about you, but I love to try new things. You never know when you might discover your next favourite hobby. This month I tried my paw at rowing!

I went along to Yare Boat Club with Julie and Emma. They both work at Face to Face Finance who sponsor two boats at the club.

I was a little nervous about getting in the boat at first. It wasn’t very long ago that I learned to swim really well so I was a bit scared that I might fall in. Luckily there was a life jacket in my size so I would stay nice and safe in case I fell in the water.

How to row

The first thing the guys at Yare Boat Club taught me was a good rowing technique. I thought my arms would get really tired, but I learned that when you row you need to keep your back straight and your legs should do most of the work. You need to make sure that your shoulders and arms stay relaxed. The British Rowing website has some great tips for the best rowing technique.

I thought rowing would be hard work, but it was actually very easy. As long as you are using the right technique and have relaxed arms, you shouldn’t find it difficult at all.

Rowing is good for you

Everyone at Yare Boat Club told me that rowing is really good for staying healthy. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Fitness: rowing uses lots of different muscles in your body. It makes you very strong and flexible. When you row you are working your arms, legs, back, tummy and even your bottom! It’s an excellent cardio workout.  
  • Social: rowing can be done alone but it is even more fun when you join a group. It’s a really great way to make new friends. The guys at Yare Boat Club were really friendly and great fun. I really felt part of the team!
  • Stress: exercise is great for releasing stress. The tranquil water and wildlife along the way is brilliant for relaxing and enjoying some calmness.
  • Teamwork: when you row as a team you need to learn to work together. Teamwork is an important skill to have. You will need to use it a lot in your everyday life. For example, at school we often complete tasks in teams. 

I really enjoyed having a go at rowing, everyone I met were so friendly and helpful. I would like to go back and try rowing again one day. I loved being near the water, it was very relaxing.

Have you ever been rowing? What new activities have you tried recently?

Lots of love,
Eddie x

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