Eddie Makes Pasta

Eddie Teddie Makes Pasta

Hello Friends,

Recently it was my friend Emma’s birthday, so we surprised her with a trip to London for a cooking class!

Emma is very good at baking cakes and cooking yummy food so we thought she would enjoy having a go at making her own pasta. We went to a place called Pasta Evangelists who taught us everything we needed to know about making the perfect plate of pasta.

Making the pasta

The first thing we had to do was weigh out our ingredients. Pasta is simple to make, all you need is eggs and flour. It has to be a special type of flour called 00.

We were being shown how to make pasta that had red stripes on it so we needed to make two different pasta doughs. We put half of the ingredients from the recipe in one bowl and the other half in a second bowl. 

To make red pasta dough we added a little beetroot powder to the flour and eggs before we mixed them together. It looked really cool!

Once we’d made our dough we had to knead it to develop the gluten. Our teacher told us that this would make the pasta nice and springy which is the perfect texture for pasta. To knead the dough you have to squish it and stretch it and push it around a bit. It’s a little bit like playing with play-doh!

Rolling the pasta

Once you have finished kneading your dough it’s time to roll it out. Pasta has to be really thin so it cooks properly.

We rolled our out using a pasta machine. It works by passing the dough between two rollers which stretches it out. You start with the rollers a little way apart and gradually move them closer together until the pasta becomes really thin.

We did this with both the normal pasta and the red pasta dough. Once they were both rolled out to the right thickness we cut the red pasta in to strips and laid it on top of the normal pasta which turned it in to stripy pasta!

Folding pasta shapes

The next step was to cut our dough into smaller squares then fold those pieces to make pasta shapes. I can’t remember what they are called but I did have a lot of fun folding them.

To make the pasta shapes we folded the squares in half to create a triangle. Then, we had to fold two corners of the triangle together to create a loop.

Mum, Dad and Emma said this bit was really fiddly but I didn’t have any trouble at all folding them with my little paws!

Time to eat!

This was my favourite part of the day. After we had made our pasta shapes we got to cook and eat them! I had parmesan cheese sprinkled on the top of my pasta and it was so delicious.

Have you ever made pasta before? What is your favourite thing to cook?

See you next month


Eddie x

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