Eddie Plays Crazy Golf

Eddie Teddie Plays Crazy Golf

Hello Friends,

It’s your pal, Eddie! Have you been enjoying your summer holidays? I have been having lots of fun going out and about with my friends and my Mum and Dad. We have been on lots of day trips and I’ve even had a day at my friend Tedward’s house. We played with his lego, watched a film and had a sleepover!

Today I am going to tell you all about one of the most fun days I have had so far this summer. I went with Mum and Dad and their friends from work to play crazy golf!

Every year the Face to Face Finance team have a crazy golf tournament. They split in to three teams and go head-to-head to see which team will come out on top as crazy golf champions.

Although they always say it is the taking part that counts, I know that all the teams really want to win.

The three teams this year were Team Phoebe, Team Emma and Team Aymi. I was on Aymi’s team with Mum, Bob and Adam. We were feeling pretty confident because Bob is really good at golf and Adam said he wasn’t bad at it either.

How to Play Crazy Golf

If you haven’t played crazy golf before, the game is very simple. There are a number of holes on each course and each hole has obstacles you need to get round to putt the ball in the hole.

Each hold has a number of shots you should be able to make the hole in, this is called par. To score the game of crazy golf you simply count the number of times you had to hit the ball to get it in the hole.

Getting the ball in the hole under par is the aim of the game. The winner is the person, or team, who has the lowest score after the last hole.

We were playing at Pirates Cove Adventure Golf which had 18 holes. It was a really tight competition, but we came out on top! Mum and Aymi scored par over the whole course. Bob and I scored one over par and Adam scored two over par. Go team Aymi!

The overall champion was Auntie Becky who managed to score one under par over the whole course!

We all celebrated with an ice cream once the tournament was over. It was a really fun day out and we laughed for the whole time we were there!

Have you been enjoying some fun days out too? Maybe you have been away on holiday – I would love to hear what you have been up to.

Speak soon.


Eddie x

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